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We work in a highly collaborative way putting quality, integrity and client satisfaction first. Training associates who work for us enjoy this way of working and value the development of long term business relationships and diverse networks. Each associate trainer is professionally qualified and is chosen for their experience, professionalism, dynamism and ability to engage with a wide audience. In return, we believe in rewarding excellence with good rates of pay.

No guarantees can be given of the volume of work a training associate will receive, but we have several trainers who have successfully worked on large training assignments with HONPRO Training.


Really, the excitement is all pervading, keeping the energy meter full at all times! There's work at full throttle, but there's also partying at top gear. We have stimulating activities lined up the year round.

To begin with, we celebrate all major festivals with equal fervor, be it the lights of Diwali, Navratri Dandiya, Christmas joy, and or the pride of our Independence Day.

No Cubicles

Our open culture is exemplified by our collaborative workspaces. Everyone, including the co-founders work out of open work-stations with no differentiation whatsoever. We have a reception without a receptionist and encourage all visitors to walk straight in!

To become a part of our family share your profile at family@honprosignatory.com