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Utilizing Proven Training Methods For Measurable Results

HONPRO SIGNATORY has continuously improved our training techniques to achieve high levels of success for small, medium and large companies. But it’s not just our training methods that our clients appreciate. It’s the fact that HONPRO SIGNATORY provides dedicated experts who work hand-in-hand with clients throughout the implementation process. In addition, our customers welcome access to the expanded resources of other education, alliance and distribution providers through our business partnerships.

Training Methods Tailored to Your Need

For complex issues, HONPRO SIGNATORY’s experts follow a three-step approach to determine the appropriate training techniques for your employees. You may have pinpointed your company’s need, but our approach helps us go further to understand “the need behind the need.” Our approach involves:


  • Defining your business issue or opportunity.
  • Understanding your company’s future vision or where you want to be.
  • Determining where your company is now.

  • Design

    • Generating the training methodology that will achieve your future vision by impacting behaviour change identified during assessment.

    • Implementation

      • Implementing the defined training techniques
      • Our learning solutions don’t end with the implementation of our training methods. We also ensure our training is doing what it is supposed to do.