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The innovation as the introduction of something new that improves training, training products, training delivery or training effectiveness. Innovative approaches typically require rigorous research to both examine and establish the framework and/or boundaries for applying and incorporating these new approaches, methodologies, and technologies into the training environment. The dedicated staff of HONPRO ensures a focus on innovation and innovative methods for the instructional staff.

The core of the innovation process is formed by the company and its employees. Coupled with the corporate culture, strategy, and structure, they strongly determine the innovation process from the centre.

On the other hand, there are factors affecting the innovation process from the outside:

  • customers needs
  • the benefits for the customers
  • global and technological trends
  • The time is right for them to learn
  • behaviour of the competition
  • requirements of the families of entrepreneur and employees
  • the needs of intermediaries (intermediate distributors and resellers)
  • as well as the needs of network partners


Our Innovation Model