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Much diversity training work focuses on telling people what not to do, what not to say and what not to believe. Impact’s approach to managing diversity is based on helping people to work out what they can do - how they can proactively build inclusive workplaces.

In today’s competitive business environment, it has become more important than ever to leverage diversity and maximise the talent of every employee. Increasingly, companies are linking workplace diversity to their strategic goals and objectives and holding management and HR accountable for the results.

Attracting, retaining and motivating the best talent is fundamental to your organisation’s success. If you want your employees to represent your customer and community base then you need to attract and retain a diverse range of talented people, not just those who are most likely to fit in with the people you already have.

In many countries there is a policy and legislation context to equal opportunities. Being compliant with this and making sure people across your organisation understand its implications can reduce the risks to which your organisation is exposed. There is often a degree of fear and misunderstanding about such legislation and this unease can prevent people from acting. Understanding the policy context can help manage this fear and help diversity to be leveraged as a source of strength within your organisation.

HONPRO’s approach goes even further, beyond policy and procedure compliance. It helps people develop the attitudes and beliefs that will let them see value in connecting and working with others who they see as ‘different’ to themselves. Our approach is practical, experiential and based around your current reality - what is happening in your workplace for your people.

Diversity Training - business benefits

  • Engaged employees - retention and motivation of the diverse workforce you have worked hard to recruit
  • Enhanced innovation and decision-making abilities due to the inclusion of multiple perspectives
  • Increased understanding of equal opportunities legislation
  • Improved communication between employees and teams
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and quality
  • An ability to move into emerging market.
  • Increased morale and reduced grievances
  • A sustainable culture that promotes a respectful, inclusive, knowledge-based environment within which each person has the chance to develop their potential and contribute to the success of the organisation
  • Success that can be measured – read more about how we evaluate our work with you
  • Going global: read more about our capacity to roll out diversity training on an international level