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Our market leading assessment tools support smart people decisions throughout the employment lifecycle, precisely measuring skills, behaviour and performance, and predicting potential, for all major job categories and levels in every sector.

Our tools give you insight into:

  • Work style and behaviour – helping you optimise performance and role suitability
  • Cognitive ability – helping you match skills and capability to the right role
  • Leadership and management style – helping you identify the people who will bring organisational success
  • Match to your organisation’s culture and values – helping you build an engaged workforce
  • The most effective motivators for each employee – helping you improve results and employee retention
  • Specific work-related skills – identifying which candidates will be productive from day one
  • Performance and development needs – helping you bridge skills gaps to deliver your organisation’s strategy

Our scientifically proven assessment products and services include:

  • Job Specific Solutions
  • Personality and Behavioural Assessments
  • Cognitive Ability and Aptitude Assessments
  • Skills Tests
  • Simulations
  • Group exercises, role plays and presentation exercises
  • 360 Multi-Rater Feedback
  • Assessment Centres
  • Interview Tools