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Organisations face significant challenges around climate change and its inevitable effects on our planet, society and business. We need to act collectively and swiftly to slow down the current trend of global warming and work towards a low carbon economy.

The climate change challenge also brings great opportunity. It is vital that organisations understand the issue and decide how they can act responsibly to meet stakeholder expectations and to redefine the nature of their business models to gain competitive advantage. HONPRO can work in partnership with you to improve and implement your environment change strategy.

Business Benefits:

  • Recognise strategic business opportunities - explore the challenges climate change will bring in the marketplace - potential changes in legislation and the strategic opportunities that will emerge
  • Innovate new processes, products and services
  • Engage employees at all levels
  • Develop capacity for leadership, management and innovation that will facilitate business success.
  • HONPRO can add value no matter what stage your thinking on climate change has reached