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The challenges faced by women in the workplace are not generic. They are determined by multiple factors including position in the hierarchy, organisational culture, self-beliefs and social constructs. Consequently, Impact take an holistic view of women in the workplace, considering both the individual and the organisation.
Women in management face unique societal, organisational, structural and cultural hurdles. In many ways, the business world is still a male-dominated environment, and this is particularly true the farther up the management ladder one progresses.
Just as it is important to leverage diversity for competitive advantage, it is vital for today’s organisations to identify talent and nurture the personal and professional development of women in the new business world.
Not only is this the ‘right thing to do,’ but a fully engaged, motivated, diverse workforce that includes women in management positions is fundamental to your company’s success.

Women in management - business benefits

  • Increasing visibility and raising professional profile
  • Strengthening assertiveness and influencing skills
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Developing resilience, power and confidence
  • Creating high performing organisations that value diversity.

HONPRO’s approach is based on exploring and encouraging personal and organisational reflection. The process is driven by a series of key questions:

  • What are the stereotypes that exist within your organisation and how do individuals (men and women) respond to, resist and reinforce these?
  • What personal beliefs exist about how to be 'a leader', what career aspirations do women hold and what self-limiting beliefs need to be overcome?
  • Does the organisation value diversity and see it as integral to business success?