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Learning is changing

Sometimes it’s difficult to break through the hype that surrounds the trends in training and learning. One thing is for sure though... learning is changing. The way we all learn today is quite different from ten years ago - it's become more experiential, more hands on and more directly connected to work application. Learning itself has also become one of the most important catalysts for how we change as people and professionals, making it a key enabler of organizational change in the turbulent and changing global economy.

At HONPRO SIGNATORY, we are passionate about how learning and development can improve people's opportunities and power organizational performance. And as experts in learning, we make sure we stay focused on the learner and the outcome, constantly reminding ourselves about the principles of how adults learn. It is observed that adults learn best when:

  • They understand why something is important to know or do
  • They have the freedom to learn in their own way
  • Learning is experiential
  • The time is right for them to learn
  • The process is positive and encouraging

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